How to Use Whatsapp Business on Android?

Image 1 How to Use Whatsapp Business on Android?

As of the 18th of January, WhatsApp Business was finally released. It’s been in the works for quite some time (you might have read a post we did on it back in September of 2017) but now it’s released to the public. The downside is that as of right now, it’s only available in the UK, US, Mexico, Italy and Indonesia. That’s set the change in the coming weeks which will see a worldwide launch.

The other downside is that it is only available for Android as of right now – and there doesn’t seem to be much noise regarding an iOS version. That being said, we know you’re all here because Android is where it’s at! So what does this new business version of the communication app do?

WhatsApp Business Features:

Smart Response Tools: You can pre-define and have automated responses set to go depending on your needs. If you receive an order, you can simply tap on the respective response and a whole message will be sent. This can be great for defining a personal touch without the need to endlessly write out replies.

– Dedicated Profile For Your Company: A rather self-explanatory but very useful aspect of the app. This allows you to create a fully fledged company profile which explains what you do and has contact information, website, e-mail addresses etc etc.

– Statistics: You’ll slowly build up a wealth of information regarding your responses and what messages are read by prospective customers. This allows you to see how you are going in regards to your customer service.

– Business Account: As part of the business app, you’ll be able to identify with your customers as a real business. This means your account will be verified and people will be able to see you as a business.

There are a couple of unfortunate downsides (not including the current limitation on location roll-out). The main one is that you can’t upgrade your current number which you use for WhatsApp and turn it into a business account. Or at least, not easily. You either need a separate number just for WhatsApp Business or you need to cancel your current account and reactivate it on the business app.

The same limitations apply to WhatsApp Web. That isn’t new though as even the current version of WhatsApp only lets you activate the web version on one computer.

  1. WhatsApp Business

    WhatsApp Business

    WhatsApp Business has moved onto different things rather than just the simple social aspect of communication. The business app allows you to expand your current business and freely and easily keep in touch with your customers. It’s fantastic news for business owners as there are millions of users on WhatsApp and under the current dynamic, communicating with them is only available through your personal account.

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