What is the best Android app to watch free movies and tv shows

Image 1 What is the best Android app to watch free movies and tv shows

One of the best things about how far smartphones and tablets have come in regards to technological advancements, it’s the ability to watch TV shows and movies from the palm of our hands. We don’t need to rely on our provider at home for entertainment, we can simply load up an app and begin to watch.

However, most of these services are paid for and we just feel like the world would be better with some free videos and entertaining shows too. So we searched high and low and found 5 of the best Android apps to watch free movies and TV shows. Take a look below and unlock a world of content.

  1. Crackle - Movies & TV

    Crackle – Movies & TV

    Crackle is one of the best free providers of free movies and TV shows for Android. Simply load it up and start browsing through their constantly updated catalog of media. You’ll find some of the latest movies and sitcoms and you can build up a list of favorites that you could watch again.

  2. Flipps – Movies, Music & News

    Flipps – Movies, Music & News

    Next up we have Flipps. This app can stream content to your Android but if you have a smart TV you can also project that content directly onto the big screen without the need for HDMI cables. There are 100’s of channels to browse through which includes the latest sports, movies, music and more.

  3. VUDU Movies and TV

    VUDU Movies and TV

    VUDU is a great app for streaming free content at your fingertips and has a big database that consists of some truly great movies. On top of that though there are options or buy or rent movies. These premium movies are usually the latest releases and the price is good so if you fancy spending a bit then you can get your hands on the best movies instantly.

  4. Free Movies

    Free Movies

    Free Movies might not have the most imaginative name but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t do its job to perfection. The app allows you to browse through a site which is packed with thousands of movies you can watch instantly. There is a chance you might need to download a new browser for your device though as Adobe Flash isn’t naturally supported by Android. This means you’ll need a Flash compatible browser.

  5. Viewster – Anime & Fandom TV

    Viewster – Anime & Fandom TV

    Last up we have Viewster. This great little app is more aimed towards fans of anime and boasts an impressive catalog of the latest Japanese TV shows. You can browse through tons of options and then begin streaming them instantly, without having to spend a cent. If you’re not a fan of anime though you might prefer one of the other options.

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