What is the best Android app to share photos with your friends or family

Image 2 What is the best Android app to share photos with your friends or family

Social media and apps which utilize photo sharing such as Instagram are incredibly popular all around the world. If you have a smartphone then the chances are that you have at least one communication app like Facebook or Twitter installed. And if you don’t; well then you probably don’t have a smartphone! The ability to share photos with your friends and family though has become a great asset to smartphone users, and it’s something we’ll help you do today.

You could use the standard apps, such as the aforementioned Instagram or Facebook, however, the trouble with these apps is that they are probably a bit too popular. They are becoming packed with advertisements (and we all know how annoying they can be) and they can become a little overwhelming too due to random message requests and friend invites. Well we’ve found 5 apps which lets you share your photos and photography skills with the world, without having to endure the ads and overwhelming experience.

  1. Tumblr


    Tumblr is a great social networking app which is essentially a blog page which you fill up with images, photos, videos and audio clips. You can also create articles which can be shared from the app too. All in all it’s a fantastic app which lets you create the content you want, which you can then share with the world.

  2. Flickr


    Flickr is a service which is owned by Yahoo! as of 2005. The app provides you with one terabyte of online space to fill up with your images without losing quality. There are tons of filters you can use to edit your photos too, along with features which include cropping, adding text, retouching colors etc. You can also geotag the image so people can see exactly where the photo was taken.

  3. Moments


    Next up we have Moments. This fantastic app is owned and managed by Facebook, so obviously the photo uploading system is top-notch. You can upload an unlimited amount of images that retain their high-quality, and then you can share them with your friends and family instantly.

  4. Photos


    Photos is Googles go-to photo sharing platform. It’s built in to practically any Android device you buy and it’s definitely worthy of being used. It’s interface is very easy to use, it automatically backs up your photos so that if you accidentally remove them, you can access them safely and easily, and you can edit them from within the app.

  5. VSCO Cam®

    VSCO Cam®

    VSCO is growing in popularity every single day, and for good reason to. It’s a very powerful photo editor that provides you with the tools you need to share your images with whoever you please. While you’re editing you have the option to compare before and afters of each image too, so you can decide whether you prefer it before the tweaking.

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