Best games of March 2018 Like PUBG & Cytus II!

Image 1 Best games of March 2018 Like PUBG & Cytus II!

When it comes to gaming, your only options used to be consoles or computers. The idea of playing anything other than Snake on your phone was a ridiculous idea a few years in the past. Today though, mobile gaming is incredibly popular – with games becoming more and more powerful and some even managing to emulate a similar level of quality to some console releases.

Well as the year is ticking away nicely, we thought we’d find 5 of the best games of March 2018 so you can put your feet up, watch the sun come out and play some fantastic titles. We’ve got shooters, a musical number and even a dazzling and spectacular adventure through space. Take a look below and unleash the power of your Android!

  1. PUBG Mobile

    PUBG Mobile

    PUBG Mobile starts our list off and we’re pretty sure it doesn’t need much of an introduction. You and 99 other players jump out of the skies land somewhere on the map. From there, you’ll need to scavenge supplies and weapons and then begin taking down your opponents. The map shrinks as you play so you’ll need to make sure you stay within the limits to avoid death. As well as trying to be the last man standing, you can also team up with friends and battle for greatness together. It’s a lot of fun.

  2. Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

    Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

    Our name game will immerse you in an RPG world. Create and customize your character and then embark on a journey that will have you facing powerful enemies. As you play, you’ll improve your character as well as begin to build up your own team of characters – all of whom have unique skills and can be leveled up at you progress. Become a legend. Become victorious. Become Might & Magic!

  3. Cytus II

    Cytus II

    Next up we have Cytus II. This game is a fantastic addition to any smartphone that will leave you entertained for hours. It’s a musical rhythmic adventure that has a stunning soundtrack, addictive gameplay and a great story line to unfold. It’s simple but a lot of fun to play around with as you and your reflexes go on a journey.

  4. Dr. Panda Restaurant 3

    Dr. Panda Restaurant 3

    To change the pace a little bit we have Dr. Panda Restaurant 3. This restaurant management simulation game sees you take the reigns of your own restaurant. You’ll need to master your cooking technique in order to get happy customers in and out. The game itself is developed as an educational but fun tool for children to play and it’ll certainly keep them occupied as they learn some basic culinary skills.

  5. Subdivision Infinity

    Subdivision Infinity

    Last on our list is Subdivision Infinity. This game is absolutely stunning and sees you flying through space, blasting enemy ships to pieces, mining asteroids and discovering blueprints to improve and build new vessels. There are tons of missions to play through as well as modes which just see you hunting the enemy as you master the skills needed to be a space pilot.

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