5 Best Job-Search Apps to Get You Hired: Indeed Job Search, LinkedIn

Image 2 5 best Best Job-Search Apps to Get You Hired

Turn your Android device into a job finding machine with the help of a few handy applications. Gone are the days when you’d go to every store on the street, asking for positions and dropping in your resumé. These days everything can be done with a few simple taps.

Of course one of the most important aspects of job hunting is speed. You want to make yourself the first person to apply for the job and make sure you leave a lasting impression. To help you on your quest for jobs, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best job search apps to get you hired. Take a look below!

  1. Indeed Job Search

    Indeed Job Search

    The first app on our list is Indeed Job Search. The Indeed database hosts an entire wealth of job opportunities from all over the world. You can filter jobs to specific locations, sectors, distance from you etc etc and if you’ve already uploaded a resumé then you can simply tap a button and instantly apply for the position.

  2. Job Search with Snagajob

    Job Search with Snagajob

    Next up we have Snagajob. It’s a simple application – which in this case is definitely a good thing. There are loads of jobs you can browse through and you can set up daily notifications too. It’s easy to use, isn’t overwhelming with features and requirements and is a tool that does exactly what it needs to.

  3. LinkedIn Job Search

    LinkedIn Job Search

    LinkedIn doesn’t need an introduction. It’s a fantastic social app which is designed for optimum use by businesses and professionals. They also have an app specific for the job hunt aspect of life. You can search for different jobs and apply from within the app itself. If you’ve already got a profile then you can simply sign in and all of your previous experience and information is there waiting for potential employers to glance at.

  4. Job Search by ZipRecruiter

    Job Search by ZipRecruiter

    ZipRecruiter is next on our list, and for good reason. Despite being relatively new to the job hunting scene, it’s also got a great following with over a million downloads. You can save your favorite jobs, search through different industries and there’s options to instantly apply for work too. It’s a great app that’ll have you applying for more jobs than you could manage interviews for.

  5. Find job offers - Trovit Jobs

    Find job offers – Trovit Jobs

    Lastly we have Trovit Jobs. This app boasts a job catalog ranging over 38 different countries, meaning that regardless of where you are in the world, you’re likely to find something to suit you. It’ll bring up thousands of jobs from various different job sites from all over the world. Simply find one you like and tap apply!

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