Best apps of June 2018 Like Facebook Creator And Overdrop – Weather & Widgets

Image 1 Best apps of June 2018 Like Facebook Creator And Overdrop - Weather & Widgets

There’s no denying that summer is coming into full swing right now. Countries all over the world are experiencing high temperature spikes and people are loving the opportunities to have BBQ’s, sunbathe and relax under the calming rays of the sun. And while all of that sounds absolutely wonderful, we know what you’d prefer.

You don’t feel complete, we understand. You’re missing the best new apps of June 2018 and until you do, you know you won’t be able to satisfy or quench your thirst, no matter how many cocktails you drink in the hot weather! Well fear not, for we have searched far and wide to bring you some of the best Android apps you’ll find this month.

  1. Facebook Creator

    Facebook Creator

    Starting our list off is the great Facebook Creator application. It’s been a long time coming (with many Android users patiently waiting for it’s arrival after being released on iOS) but it’s finally here. The app lets you grow your fan base and easily access the insights related to specific posts.

  2. Google Podcasts

    Google Podcasts

    Next up we have Google Podcasts. For all of you podcast lovers out there, this app is for you. It allows you to subscribe to a whole host of free podcasts which you can then listen to even if you’re offline. One great thing about the app is that it syncs to all of your devices. This means if you start listening on one of your devices, you can continue on another and pick up where you left off.

  3. Overdrop - Weather & Widgets

    Overdrop – Weather & Widgets

    Who doesn’t love a good weather app? We all do, especially when the summer time sunshine is here. This app will divulge a wealth of different information related to the weather and also provide high-quality widgets for you to enjoy too. There are several widgets available covering different things and you can access a detailed forecast or simply opt for a 7-day breakdown.

  4. IGTV


    Fourth on our list is IGTV, otherwise known as Instagram TV. The app is relatively basic and it isn’t a necessity to most users, however it does allow you to browse through people you follow and watch optimized videos. One of the great things on here is that videos aren’t limited to just a one-minute run time, which means you could find yourself stuck into a 30 minute long clip.

  5. Zero Live Wallpaper

    Zero Live Wallpaper

    Lastly we have Zero Live Wallpaper. This app is still in the beta stage of things so you can expect several more updates to fully optimize the features it has. The basic concept though is that you’ll have access to a whole variety of wallpaper for your device. The designs are stunning and based on 3D parallax photos. It’s modern, designed with your battery life in mind and new wallpapers are added every week.

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