The most exciting Android Games of 2018: SHADOWGUN, PUBG


Not all game sessions have the same purpose. Some people are looking for a passing hobby, others a space for relaxation, and we are also the ones who prefer full marathons of high voltage. The most exciting Android games of 2018 have proven their quality, and you’re still in time to join the community of any of the following options:



    With a really demanding campaign mode, and several online game options with other users, one of the most cared for franchises from Madfinger games won’t disappoint anyone ready to stop an army of mutants.

  2. Monument Valley 2

    Monument Valley 2

    A true gem for fans of platform adventures with a puzzle touch, Monument Valley 2 puts you in the shoes of Ro and his daughter to overcome levels endowed with an unique design and more than one secret hiding in their corners.

  3. PUBG Mobile

    PUBG Mobile

    This is the best Battle Royale game and an authentic classic of the genre in relation to the new alternatives. This game has a total of 100 opponents on an island, equipment and food along it, and the best of survival skills to be the winner.

  4. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

    Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

    The developers of Square Enix continue to be a reference in the video games field, whatever the console or device on which their great works are published. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a perfect example of that. An JRPG with very high first-line strategy components.

  5. Crashlands


    An exciting adventure in which you have to help a galactic truck driver named Flux Dabes. After suffering an attack, Flux has been isolated on the planet Woanope where you will have to recover your packages and try to return home. Explore the planet to discover its mysteries and try to complete all the missions defending yourself from all kinds of enemies and dangers!

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