The Best Paid Applications for Android Devices: PayPal, Google Wallet

Image 1 The Best Paid Applications for Android Devices: PayPal, Google Wallet

People who used to give card holders to their parents as a gift are almost extint, because times are changing – who wants to take all their credit or debit cards with them, if from their mobile phones they can complete practically any type of financial operation? Download one of the best payment applications for Android devices, and manage all your financial products much more easily.

  1. PayPal


    One of the pioneers of mobile payments that continues offering service and security that has characterized it since its beginnings. As long as you have in mind that Paypal charges a small amount, it is the best way for payments from your device.

  2. Google Wallet

    Google Wallet

    It would be sloppy from us to gather the best applications for Android without the option offered by Google. This application is affiliated with a million of businesses around the world, so you will have more chances to avoid any tipe of unexpected payments.

  3. PayRange


    This tool, newer than the previous two, is now gaining more users in its community thanks to its security assurance and the speed of the operations.

  4. Visa QIWI Wallet

    Visa QIWI Wallet

    If you are a Visa client, the most practical alternative is Visa QIWI Wallet. This is an electronic wallet that will allow you to manage your Visa cards from your mobile and pay any payments as well.

  5. Skrill


    Another new generation alternative that offers exellent results to its wide user community. Skrill has security controls to safeguard your information and helpful updates which make the money sending process much easier.