Best games of September 2018: Happy Glass, Big Big Baller and More

image 2 - Best games of September 2018

Summer is great and all. However, this one was a real scorcher and now I’m seriously enjoying the fact that cooler nights are upon us. Whew! Of course, cooler nights mean more time spent inside and that means it’s time to try out some of these really awesome new games that we’ve got for you today.

We’ve got a little of everything. If you’re into real physics and brain teaser puzzles you’ll be spending a lot of time with Happy Glass. In fact, you could call it my new obsession. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Other fun, must-try games include the absolutely insane arcade game Big Big Baller (I’m not going to spoil the surprise. Just try it and you’ll see.) and a business game that lets you experience life as the owner of an airline. The sky’s the limit with this one! Finally, there’s a cool new sports game called MyNBA2K19. It’s the companion app for NBA 2K19 and even allows you to scan your face. Ok, and now for my other new obsession, the colorful new drawing game, 2. This is one you really need to check out.

Have fun!

  1. Happy Glass

    Happy Glass

    Happy Glass is an unusual puzzle game where the goal is to find a way to fill the glass with water without knocking it over or breaking it. Draw a line to fill the glass with water falling from the bucket. Make sure that the ball doesn’t knock the glass over.

  2. Big Big Baller

    Big Big Baller

    A super fun arcade game where you get to roll your ball all around a city, crashing into both things and other balls. Have fun watching your ball get bigger and bigger as every new crash seems to give it more power to roll around and crush stuff.

  3. MyNBA2K19


    MyNBA2K19 is a sports game and companion app for NBA 2K19 and includes tons of exciting features like the ability to scan your face and insert it into NBA 2K19. You can also take part in a card collecting game and enjoy the possibility of earning virtual currency every single day.

  4. Merge Plane

    Merge Plane

    A fun business game that lets you experience what it’s like to be the owner of a large airline. Make money, buy new planes, and create mergers with other airlines. You mission is to make your company the number one airline in the world.

  5. 2 2

    In this unique drawing experience, your mission is to control a cube and conquer as much territory as possible. To get more points you’ll have to destroy rivals by crossing their wake when they are inside your terrain. Of course, you can’t allow them to do this to you or you’ll die!

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