Best games of December 2018: Drive and Park, Modern Critical Strike

image 1: Best games of December 2018

Why not ring in 2019 by spending some quality time with a few hot new games! There are so many good ones out there that we had trouble picking the top 5 games of December 2018. But, we finally did it!  Here are our picks:

If you like car parking games, you’ll love Drive and Park. Hone your parking skills, earn money, and travel around the world collecting cars. Parking games don’t get any better than this!

We all thought Modern Critical Strike is in a class all by itself when it comes to FPS games.  It’s seriously action-packed and you get to handle some major firepower. Definitely not for the overly sensitive!

Feel like knocking stuff around in order to relieve stress?  Check out Create one massive snowball or a bunch of little ones and then just swipe!

I don’t want to give too much away with Destiny Child. Let me just say that you should just give it a try. It was on everyone’s short list for best December games and I’m pretty sure that you’re going to feel the same way about it.

For strategy and history buffs there’s Age of Civilizations II. This is an amazingly complex strategic shooting game and you’ll need to really use your mind if you want to win.

  1. Drive and Park

    Drive and Park

    A fun Android game for your smartphone or tablet that allows you to practice your parking skills and earn money at the same time. You can even become a globetrotter as you travel around the world collecting cars as you go.

  2. Modern Critical Strike

    Modern Critical Strike

    Modern Critical Strike is an action-packed, FPS experience in 3D for your Android smartphone or table. Get ready to take on the bad guys as you show off your fighting skills with some truly awesome firepower. Play with friends or other players from around the world.

  3. gives you a chance to create some really big snowballs and use them to knock people around and clean off the playing field! Create one big snowball or a bunch of smaller snowballs. It’s really all up to you. Swipe to change direction and just lift your finger to shoot.

  4. Destiny Child

    Destiny Child

    Destiny Child offers simple, but super fun gameplay that’s guaranteed to entertain you for hours on end. If you want to win you’ll need to carefully scope out your opponent’s weakness and then move in for the kill. Several interesting stories and excitement galore!

  5. Age of Civilizations II

    Age of Civilizations II

    This is probably the only strategy game for Android you’ll ever need. A truly epic adventure involving bloody revolutions, peace treaties, careful diplomacy, and the ability to create your own history. Comes with maps, various types of terrain, and much more.

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