Best games of January 2018: UNO!, Slope Run

image 1 - Best games of January 2018

It’s almost February 2019.

Can you believe we’re more than 18 years into the 21st century? The 20th century seems almost like ancient history now. Wow. Anyway…

As you may already know, at the end of every month we get together and decide on what we consider to be the 5 best Android games for that month. Here are our picks for January 2019:

UNO! – This is the official Android version of the classic game UNO! That means every fan of UNO! needs to download and check this app out! You won’t be disappointed. In fact, we’re pretty sure you’re going to love this one.

Slope Run – Don’t come running back to us complaining that you can’t put this game down. We warned you! Yeah, it’s that addictive. Check it out for yourself.

Tank Stars – This is a super fun action-packed turn-based game for people who are into tanks and battles stuff. Go ahead. Give it a try!

Color Bump 3D – Color Bump 3D is a unique and totally addictive game that revolves around colorful blocks. Over 100 levels to enjoy!

Angry Birds Dream Blast – This game probably doesn’t need an introduction. Angry Birds fans just need to check it out. You won’t be able to put it down. Guaranteed!

Try one. Try them all. We think you’ll find hours of enjoyable entertainment in this month’s best games!

Leave me a comment below and let us know which game you liked best!

  1. UNO!™


    You can now enjoy the classic game of UNO! on your Android smartphone or tablet. Participate in tournaments with people from all over the world and invite your friends to play in 2v2 mode. You can even chat with other players during the course of a game.

  2. Slope Run

    Slope Run

    Slope Run is probably one of the most addictive tap-to-play games you’ve ever seen. It’s chock full of action-packed challenges and obstacles that will have you doing everything you can do dodge your enemies. Overall, just a really fun game you need to try.

  3. Tank Stars

    Tank Stars

    An exciting turn-based combat game that allows you to participate in intense tank battles and defeat your enemies. In order to do well you’ll need to carefully calculate distances and the strength of your attacks. Always remember to avoid incoming enemy missiles.

  4. Color Bump 3D

    Color Bump 3D

    Color Bump 3D is an exciting new 3D game that will have you addicted in no time flat. At first, it seems deceptively easy. However, you’ll soon discover that this game is anything but easy. Includes over 100 levels.

  5. Angry Birds Dream Blast

    Angry Birds Dream Blast

    If you like Angry Birds this is a fun game you need to download and install. It’s easy to play. Just pop all the little dream bubbles and solve puzzles so the angry birds can continue with their naptime. Great way to kill some time!

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