Best games of March 2019: Pick Me Up, Draw it, Polysphere


Game developers have stepped up and are releasing new and better games every day. The quality of games has improved greatly over the years due to the rapid growth of technology and the increased demand for mobile phones.

Game lovers now have a hard time choosing which games to install on their phones. If you enjoy trying out new games on your phone, check out the list below containing the best games of March 2019.

  1. Pick Me Up™

    Pick Me Up™

    This is a great driving game where you will act as a taxi driver. Collect passengers using your taxi and drop them to various destinations to gain points. The game has easy controls where you tap and hold the screen to drive and release to brake.

  2. Draw it

    Draw it

    Draw it is a fun and addictive game where you compete with others to draw various objects within a limited time frame. The faster you complete your drawing, the more points you get. The game is easy to play and it does not matter if you are not a good artist.

  3. Polysphere


    If you love solving puzzles, then this is the game for you. In this game, you will combine pieces until they form various three-dimensional images. Simply rotate and move the pieces around until they fit into each other. The results of each level can be shared with friends on social networks.

  4. Crowd City

    Crowd City

    This is a very interesting arcade game. Gather as many people as possible from the street to join you in crushing enemy groups. The more people you gather, the easier it will be to crush your enemies. As the leader of your group, you will guide and direct your group members towards enemy groups.

  5. Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes

    Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes

    If you have always been a fan of Skylanders, then you will love this game. Select your favorite Skylanders characters and equip them with magical abilities as they prepare for battle. You can mix and match several characters with different abilities to form a stronger team.

  6. Sparkman


    This is another very interesting puzzle game. Your character is on fire and you are to use the objects provided in each level to find the most suitable way to throw him in water before time runs out to prevent him from dying.

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