Stop Facebook App From Tracking Your Location In the Background

Many apps today ask for permission to track your location for a number of reasons. Facebook tracks your location even when you are not using the app to identify where you are using the app from, to help you find new friends, suggest specific ads for you, and to show events that are near you.

Since you started using Facebook, you may have willingly or unknowingly given Facebook permission to track your location. It is possible to stop Facebook from tracking your location. Just follow these simple steps below.

To stop Facebook from tracking your location in the background:


Open the Facebook app on your phone

  • Tap the three bars on the top right of the screen
  • Scroll down to Settings and tap it
  • Select Privacy Shortcuts
  • Choose Manage your Location Settings
  • Tap the ON button to toggle it off.
  1. Facebook


    Facebook is a social networking application that allows you to access Facebook directly from your mobile device. The app lets you update your profile, share pictures and videos, visit the profile of friends, receive notifications, send messages and chat.

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