Best games of April 2019: Pinatamasters, Clean Road


What better way to help you relax and leisure around than playing games on your phone? If you are you that person that likes to play games on their phone or likes to experiment with new games, you need to try out these amazing games as we move towards the end of April.

  1. Pinatamasters


    This is a very interesting and fun arcade game that allows you to shoot down colorful piñatas to earn coins. You can upgrade to better and powerful weapons that will allow you to shoot faster. As you progress, you will unlock different looking piñatas and new environments to play in.

  2. Clean Road

    Clean Road

    If you love simulation games, this is the game for you. Simulate a snow plow driver and help clear out snow on roads and residential areas. Just touch and drag the plow to control it as you avoid obstacles along the way. You can also upgrade the snow plow to a more powerful one that can handle the toughest of snow falls.

  3. House Paint

    House Paint

    Just as the name suggests, you are going to paint houses in this game. To complete each level, you need to find all the white spots in houses and fill them with color. Swipe the screen up, down, left and right to view the white spots. Good luck finding all the white spots!

  4. Run Race 3D

    Run Race 3D

    Run Race is a fun 3D racing game where you will guide a runner to complete several laps in a course with obstacles that he will have to jump over. The goal of the game is to help the runner emerge the top in each race. Collect the coins you find on the course to unlock upgrades for the racer.

  5. Kick the Buddy: Forever

    Kick the Buddy: Forever

    This is a very amazing action game that you will definitely enjoy. Use different weapons to shoot, blow up and experiment with the character named buddy.  The game has great graphics and incredible backgrounds.

  6. Twist Hit!

    Twist Hit!

    Twist Hit is a fun and addictive game where you’ll need to  save the trees in a forest by filling the rings around the treesYou need to aim and shoot at the trunk of the tree, without touching the black semi-circle that surrounds the trunk. Repeat the process several times until the tree grows.

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