Find Hidden Spyware on your Android: Here’s How

Spyware is unwanted programs/software that secretly gains access to your phone or tablet to steal your sensitive information. There are many types of undetectable spyware software that can infiltrate your device causing disruption in the normal functioning of your device.

Being able to detect spyware on your Android device can help protect your private information from being accessed. This piece describes several ways in which you could know that your device is infected by spyware.

Unusual Phone Behavior

If you notice any unusual behavior on your phone, this might be as a result of a spyware attack. Unusual phone behavior includes unusual sounds during phone calls and finding apps on your phone that you did not install.

Unusual Battery Drain

Unusual battery drain may also be an indication that you have spyware on your phone. Spyware that constantly runs on your phone can cause your battery to drain faster than usual and may eventually affect your battery life.

Random Reboots and Shutdowns

You may be a victim of spyware attack if your phone starts to randomly switch off and reboot. Unstable third-party apps can also cause random reboots and shutdowns. You can uninstall suspicious third-party apps that you think causes sudden reboots and shutdowns.

Delay in Shutdown

Shutdowns on Android are usually fast most of the times. If when shutting down your phone you notice that the process takes longer than usual, spyware may be controlling your phone or using the main resources from your phone.

There are several apps that can help you to find hidden spyware on your Android device. Stagefreight Detector is one of such apps. Stagefreight Detector is an easy-to-use app that scans your phone for spyware.

To use Stagefreight Detector to scan for spyware:

  • Download and install the app on your phone
  • Launch the app by tapping the app’s icon
  • On the landing page, tap BEGIN ANALYSIS

The app will scan your phone and give results after a few minutes. You will be able to identify the spyware that has been affecting your phone.

  1. Stagefright Detector

    Stagefright Detector

    Stagefreight Detector is a tool for Android devices that easily scans and detects spyware. The app is a very effective and easy-to-use app.

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