Best games of June 2019: Fun race 3D, Jetpack Jump

What better way to help you relax and leisure around than playing games on your phone? If you are that person that likes to play games on their phone or likes to experiment with new games, you need to try out these amazing games as we move towards the end of June.

  1. Fun Race 3D

    Fun Race 3D

    Fun race 3D is a very interesting racing game. Get to race with others over a series of obstacles to gain points. Unlock new levels and characters as you progress through the game. The game has easy controls; hold the screen to run, release to stop.


    This is yet another great racing game that allows you to race against other characters in a water slide. Your goal is to be the first one down the slide and into the pool. Enjoy sliding past the bends as you try to get in front of your rivals and emerge the first.

  3. Jetpack Jump

    Jetpack Jump

    Jetpack Jump is a very fascinating and addictive arcade game. You are requierd to use a jetpack to jump and fly to the furthest distance you can get to. Jump at the right time and avoid stepping on the start line. Upgrade your jetpack as you progress and increase your fly time to become the best jumping athlete in the world.

  4. Dota Underlords

    Dota Underlords

    This is one of the best strategy games ever created. Recruit warriors and upgrade their skills to help you battle enemies around the globe. Choose a team that has compartible worriors with exceptional skills to help you win over your enemies. Dota Underlords can be played both on your PC and your phone. Your profile will be shared across both platforms, so progress will be updated.

  5. Talking Tom Hero Dash

    Talking Tom Hero Dash

    Talking Tom Hero Dash is an action game that involves Talking Tom and his friends using their supernatural powers to run through levels full of obstacles and enemies. Collect as many coins as you can along the way while fighting raccoons. Explore new playing ways and complete new missions to win rewards.

  6. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    This is a new adventure game developed by the creators of Pokémon GO. The game incorporates real-world augmented reality that will allow you to experience a world full of magic and fantastic creatures. You must select a profession and join a team whose mission is to keep the wizarding world secret. Then just explore the real world in search of traces of magic, forts and fantastic creatures to unlock rare content and obviously fight the forces of evil.

  7. Auto Chess

    Auto Chess

    Auto Chess is a very captivating and thrilling adventurous game. You will be able to use heroes in the form of cards with different abilities. Collect and arrange hero cards in different formations that will direct your characters on the battlefield to defeat your rivals. Create your own strategies and eliminate all the enemy characters to win.

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