Best games of July 2019: Jelly Shift, Line Color

Mobile phone games are a great way to relax and enjoy your free time. Each month, game developers see to it that new and interesting games are released for people to enjoy. Below is a list of the best games of July 2019. Check them out and enjoy them on your phone.

  1. Jelly Shift

    Jelly Shift

    Jelly Shift is a very interesting game that really requires your attention. You are to adjust the shape of a jelly horizontally or vertically so that it can correctly fit through the various obstacles. You will score more points by successfully moving the jelly past many obstacles as possible.

  2. Line Color

    Line Color

    This is a casual game where you have fun coloring roads using a block. You must use the block to color the entire roadwhile being aware of obstacles such as propellers and semicircles that can hit the block. The game not only relaxes your mind but also helps to exercise your concentration.

  3. Battle Disc

    Battle Disc

    Battle Disc is a simulation game inspired by the popular table hockey game. In the game, you throw a disc to destroy your opponent’s bases, who will also try to return the disc to your territory to destroy your bases. You need to strategize on how to hit the opponent’s bases and how to prevent yours from being attacked.The difficulty level and number of obstacles increase as the game progresses.

  4. Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles

    Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles

    Mr Bullet is a puzzle and action game where you solve a series of challenging puzzles as a spy. Use your brain to strategize on how to aim at and shoot down enemies as you travel around different worlds. Use different weapons to shoot your enemiesand have opportunities to save hostages.

  5. OnPipe


    OnPipe is yet another simulator game that is very simple and pleasing. The player has to slice grains, cubes, leaves that are attached to a pipe using a ring. The player should avoid any obstacles encountered in the course. Players need to reduce the size of the ring to slice the items glued to the pipe, and increase the size of the ring to avoid obstacles.

  6. Dr. Mario World

    Dr. Mario World

    Dr. Mario World is a puzzle game where you help Dr. Marioeliminate bacteria using various medicines. Your goal is to match 3 capsules horizonally or vertically with viruses of the same color to kill them. You need to take your time to ensure that you match a capsule to the correct virus. The game has hundreds of stages with different kinds of viruses to clear.

  7. Flip Dunk

    Flip Dunk

    Flip Dunk is a sports game simulating the basketball game. Using the easy controls in the game, perform dunks and flips to successfully complete a level. Each level has different dunk challenges that you need to complete successfully.

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