Best games of November 2019: Minecraft Earth, Sky Roller

If you are a lover of mobile phone games, then you should be very excited about this post. It is one of those posts that highlight the best games of the month. As November comes to an end, you need to try out some of the new games released within the month. Below are some of the best games of November 2019.

  1. Ink Inc. - Tattoo Tycoon

    Ink Inc. – Tattoo Tycoon

    Tattoo Tycoon is a cool skill game where you work as a professional tattooist who draws tattoos on their clients. In the game, you should try as much as possible to make the tattoo that you draw to match the image provided. You will get to work on different types of skins types.

  2. Minecraft Earth

    Minecraft Earth

    Minecraft Earth is a new adventure game from Mojang. In the game, you will join other builders and explorers in building the planet and collect resources for your builds. You can build amazing creations and place them in the real world or come together with other builders to create communal masterpieces.

  3. Sky Roller

    Sky Roller

    This is a very interesting arcade game in which you get to test your skating skills as you work towards becoming a professional skater. The game has easy controls that you will use to overcome all kinds of obstacles and reach the goal without tripping over the road.

  4. Cannon Shot!

    Cannon Shot!

    This is an amazing puzzle game in which you use a canon to aim and get balls into a bucket-like cube for you to complete a level. You will need to carefully calculate the right angle and elevation to get an accurate shot. There are a lot of challenging levels in the game for you to enjoy. Each level has different types of obstacles that you need to overcome.

  5. Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle

    Rescue Cut – Rope Puzzle

    Rescue Cut is yet another interesting puzzle game. In the game, you are to rescue the character who is hanging on a rope. In each level, you will need to cut the right rope at the right time. To cut the rope, just slide your finger over the rope. The game has various obstacles that you have to overcome to save your character and proceed to the next level.

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