Stuck at home? Here are the 5 Best Apps to Make Free Group Conference Calls on Android

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, several cities across the globe are under lockdown and many governments are urging their citizens to avoid public gatherings and even go into self-quarantine if they suspect they are sick.

Being stuck at home is easier said than done! You may get very bored especially if you stay alone. However, there are several Android apps that can help you make free conference calls on your device and get connected with your friends and family. This piece highlights five of the best apps to make free conference calls.

  1. Google Duo

    Google Duo

    Google Duo is a high-quality video calling app for Android devices. The app can allow one-on-one video calls and also group video calls. The app can support up to 8 participants in a group video call. The app also allows for video calls between Android and iOS devices. With the app, you can also make video calls in low lighting conditions thanks to the available low-light mode.

  2. Skype - free IM & video calls

    Skype – free IM & video calls

    Skype is a free instant message, voice or video calling app that lets you connect with other users across the world. With the app, you can easily make HD video calls and accommodate up to 24 participants. If you do not want to connect to your friends via a video call, the app also supports audio calls.

  3. Messenger


    The Messenger app from Facebook is a communication app that supports texts and video chats for free. If you do not wish to text in a group chat, you can easily connect to a group video call and chat with several participants simultaneously. The calls are usually free over Wi-Fi but can standard charges apply when using mobile data.

  4. WhatsApp Messenger

    WhatsApp Messenger

    WhatsApp Messenger is a very popular communication app that allows users to send messages through wireless networks or mobile networks when there is an available connection. Apart from sending and receiving texts, images, videos, and audio files through the app, WhatsApp also supports audio and video calls. You can add several participants to a video call and enjoy a conference call.

  5. Hangouts


    Developed by Google, Hangouts is a communication app that lets you text your contacts in person or in a group chat, start free video calls or make voice calls. Using the video call feature, you can create a conference call that can accommodate up to 10 participants. The Hangouts app allows you to call or chat with people from different parts of the world provided they are using the app.

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