Best apps & games of April 2020: Lip Art 3D, Quibi

The end of April 2020 is here! A lot has happened in the tech world as developers have been working tirelessly to release new apps and games of different categories for us to enjoy. If you like to explore new apps and games, you might have come across some of these new apps and games. If not, this piece has compiled some of the best apps and games of April 2020.

  1. Lip Art 3D

    Lip Art 3D

    Lip Art 3D is a casual game that allows you to explore your lip makeup skill. In the game, you will apply various types of lipstick to lips for fun. You will begin by doing a complete lip-cleaning procedure and then use the available brushes and makeup to complete the shown lip art effect in each stage. As you progress in the game, you will unlock new lip shapes, powerful tools, new effects and designs, and different frames and backgrounds for the game.

  2. Go Knots 3D

    Go Knots 3D

    This is a very interesting puzzle game in which you must move the chains on the posts to join the chains of the same color without creating knots. The game has very easy controls since you only need to tap on a post to select the first chain and then click on another post to release the chain on one end so that you can join the two ends on the same post.

  3. Save The Girl

    Save The Girl

    This is yet another interesting puzzle game in which you have a mission to save the girl from various situations and environments. In every level, you are required to carefully observe the scenario and then click on one of the options at the bottom of the screen to select the best possible solution that can save the girl.

  4. Quibi: Watch New Episodes Daily

    Quibi: Watch New Episodes Daily

    Quibi is an entertainment app that allows you to watch entertaining shows featuring some of the world’s famous artists from the comfort of your phone. The app has several genres of content including drama, comedy, news, and sports among others. You can also access the news feed in the app to explore new content that is uploaded to the app. Using the app’s download feature, you can download episodes and watch them offline.

  5. The Cook

    The Cook

    This is a fantastic casual game that you play as a professional chef. In the game, you will test your cooking skills and prepare delicious dishes for your customers and leave them fully satisfied. All you need to do is to follow the steps of each recipe, choose and cut the correct ingredients, cook the food, and work on the food presentation to achieve the perfect dish.

  6. Rage Road

    Rage Road

    Rage Road is an interesting action game in which you race against other opponents. To avoid being defeated, you are to shoot down your opponents on the road using a gun. You are also supposed to evade the bullets and bombs directed to you by your opponents. Shoot down most of your opponents to complete the race in the first position and advance to the next level.

  7. Idle Life Sim - Simulator Game

    Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game

    This is a simulation game in which you simulate different real-life lifestyles. As you play, you will choose a career of your choice, go shopping, buy a house, and decorate your rooms like you always wanted in real life. Learn how to live on your own and work to improve your professional skills to increase your salary. You get some extra jobs to earn more money and as your earnings grow, you can move to a bigger house. This is the perfect lifestyle simulation game!

  8. Fortnite


    Fortnite is a very addictive action game in which you create your squad and compete to be the last one standing in Battle. The game is also available in Playstation, Xbox, and PC versions. The gameplay in the mobile version is similar to the ones on the other devices. In the game, you will build your fort and battle against opponents to be the last one standing. The game also has an online mode in which you can join many friends from all over the world and play together.

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