Best Free Video Conferencing Apps for Video Calls

Video conferencing has been an existing technology that has connected people for many years now. Family, friends, corporates and institutions have been using video conferencing apps to connect remotely.

In 2020, at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, people were asked to stay at home to reduce the spread of the disease. Among the many apps that were released at the time to help people cope, there was an increased need for video conferencing apps. Friends and family would communicate with each other over various platforms. Corporates and educational institutions also increased the use of video conferencing technology.

To date, there are several video conferencing apps in the market that compete to provide the best services to their clients. Social media plaforms like Facebook have also integrated a new video calling feature into their app to support their users. This piece highlights the best free video conferencing apps that you can use today.

  1. ZOOM Cloud Meetings

    ZOOM Cloud Meetings

    Popuraly known as Zoom, the Zoom Cloud Meetings app is the commonly used video conferencing app in 2020. The app has a sleek design and is easy to interact with. The app allows you to create your own meetings and invite participants. The app is being used widely by companies and educational institutions since it can accomodate up to 100 connected users in the same virtual meeting room. When using the Zoom app, you can choose to switch off you camera and microphone and become a silent participant in meetings.

  2. Skype


    Skype is yet another commonly used video conferencing platform designed for individuals, small teams, and businesses. With skype, you can have free and uninteruppted virtual meetings of up to 25 participants. The app also provides a messaging service that allows connected participants to chat. The app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.

  3. Google Meet

    Google Meet

    Developed by Google, Google Meet is a video conferencing app that supports both private and corportate meetings. With the app, you can have a meeting of up to 250 participants in the same meeting space. The app uses a simple clickable link to access meetings. The app is also intergrated with Google calender which makes it easy to schedule meetings.

  4. Cisco WebEx Meetings

    Cisco WebEx Meetings

    Developed and supported by the Cisco company, this video conferencing platform allows users to participate in virtual conferences and meetings from their Android devices. Using the app’s calendar feature, you can schedule meetings for specific dates and receive reminders for scheduled meetings. The app also features a messaging platform where users can chat. You can also customize your video layouts and share your sreen or content (including 3D files) to everyone in the meeting.

  5. Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams

    As the name suggests, this is a video conferencing platform developed by Microsoft. The app allows Android users to have team/group meetings at the comfort of their devices. The app is ideal for corporate meetings as it lets you manage your projects, complete with file editing and sharing. The app supports face-to-face conferencing with HD audio and video. Participants can also chat privately or in groups, and communicate in designated channels. The app has a free trial version that can be used by organizations.

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