Best Apps to Get Free WiFi Anywhere That Works

In the contemporary world, the internet has become a very important aspect of human life. We rarely go a day without accessing the internet from our mobile devices or computers. Wi-Fi has become the commonly used source of internet for mobile devices and portable computers.

Wherever you travel, you will find various Wi-Fi access points that you can use to access the internet. However, if you are traveling to somewhere new, it may be difficult to locate the places with free available Wi-Fi.

To help solve this problem, it is advisable to install a Wi-Fi finder app that will help you gather information about all the available Wi-Fi access points near you. These apps provide Wi-Fi information such as the Wi-Fi name, security status, channel, brand, signal strength, and more.

Apart from the wi-fi finder apps, there are other important Wi-Fi tools that can help you use your wifi effectively. Using some Wi-Fi apps, you can boost the Wi-Fi signals on your Android device.

You can also install some wifi apps to help you detect Wi-Fi thieves and allow you to block them. 

This piece highlights some of the best apps that will help you get free working Wi-Fi anywhere.

  1. WiFi Map - Passwords

    WiFi Map – Passwords

    As the name suggests, this app works by displaying the available Wi-Fi access points near you. The app is commonly used and has over 100 million users. The app includes an interactive map that shows all available Wi-Fi access points in cities and towns. The app has an offline mode that allows you to locate the already mapped Wi-Fi hotspots without having to be on the internet.

  2. Avast Wi-Fi Finder

    Avast Wi-Fi Finder

    Avast Wi-Fi- Finder is another free Wi-Fi finding app that is commonly used across the globe. The app helps you find the best Wi-Fi networks around you. The app also provides important information about the available Wi-Fi hotspots including passwords, speed, and other quality assessment information. The app has a Wi-Fi database that you can use to download an offline map when traveling. With the offline map, you do not have to use the app while connected to the internet.

  3. Free WiFi - Wiman

    Free WiFi – Wiman

    Containing a database of over 60 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the globe, Wiman is among the best Wi-Fi finder apps being used today. Just like the Wi-Fi Map app, Wiman also features an interactive map that will locate and display all the available Wi-Fi networks wherever you go. The app works both in online and offline modes and contains network and speed testing tools. The app has a special feature that allows you to save your favorite Wi-Fi hotspots for future connections.

  4. Instabridge - Free WiFi

    Instabridge – Free WiFi

    Instabridge works by alerting you whenever a wireless network available for connection is detected. The app has the ability to measure and display the speed and strength of the connection. The app also features an offline mode that identifies Wi-Fi hotspots even when your device is offline. The app synchronizes and backs up the networks in a cloud server. This makes it easier for you to download and use already mapped Wi-Fi networks from wherever you are.

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