Best Audiobook Apps you Can Use on your Android

Reading books is a hobby for many people around the globe. Some people read books to pass time, others to seek inspiration, and others to learn. Traditionally, people had to purchase physical books for them to read. As years went by, technological advancements allowed people to access books in digital form.

People can read soft copy books from their personal computers and mobile devices. Additionally, people now have access to audiobooks that allow them to listen to books instead of reading. Audiobooks have become very popular today as people can still listen to their favorite books while doing other tasks.

Android users have access to various audiobooks apps that they can use to listen to books. This piece highlights some of the best audiobooks apps that you can have on your Android device.

  1. Google Play Books

    Google Play Books

    With  Google Play Books, you can enjoy a wide variety of audiobooks and eBooks purchased from Google Play. You can select from a collection of over a million best selling books and listen to them on the go. When you are finished with a book, the app will automatically recommend you to the next best book. The app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.

  2. Audible for Android

    Audible for Android

    Owned by Amazon, Audible is an audiobook app that contains a collection of audiobooks and podcasts among other audio content. You can use your Amazon account to sign up for the Audible Premium Plus or Audible Plus membership. You can download audiobooks and podcasts and listen to them offline. The app also feature a sleek design that is easy for users to navigate.

  3. Storytel


    With Storytel, you can enjoy reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks in English and several other languages. The app contains a large catalog of  new and best selling audiobooks. You can stream audiobooks and listen on the go, or pre-download and listen later. While listening to an audiobook, you can reduce or increase the listening speeds. You can also share your book recommendations with friends via social media platforms.

  4. Audio Books by Audiobooks

    Audio Books by Audiobooks

    The app contains over 200,000 audiobooks and podcasts for you to explore. You can select content from different genres including fiction books, crime, mystery, thrillers, politics, non-fiction, health & wellness, and everything in-between. You can also download your favorite novels to read at home or on the go.

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