Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps by Number

There are several reasons why you would need to track a cell phone. Either you have lost your cell phone and you need to find it, or you are receiving calls from unknown numbers and you need to identify them, or better still, you want to know the exact location where your friends or family members are.

You can successfully track a cell phone by having a cell phone tracker app on your Android device. Android developers have come up with several cell phone tracker apps that work in different ways. They incorporate the use of GPS and phone numbers to help you get the exact location of the device you are looking for. In a previous post, we discussed how you would track your friends and family using your Android device.

This piece highlights the best cell phone tracker apps that you would install on your Android device.

  1. Find My Device

    Find My Device

    With Android Device Manager, you can locate your lost devices easily. The app allows you to see your device on a map making it easy for you to trace it. The app also features indoor maps that will help you to find your device in airports, malls, or other large buildings. You can also control your lost device remotely via the app and play a sound at full volume thus helping you find your device even if it is in silent mode.

  2. Mobile Number Locator - Phone Caller Location

    Mobile Number Locator – Phone Caller Location

    This is yet another app that will help you locate cell phones using phone numbers. The app features a reverse phone lookup feature that helps you to get mobile numbers. With the app, you can also get detailed information of every incoming call including phone number area, mobile-phone operator, and phone number type.

  3. Friend Locator : Phone Tracker

    Friend Locator : Phone Tracker

    This app features a robust and accurate GPS tracker that will help you locate other devices. If you have kids, you can conveniently know their location by tracking their location by mobile number. You can easily add a list of numbers of your friends and family and start tracking them.

  4. Mspy - Version Free

    Mspy – Version Free

    mSpy is a simple-to-use tool that is used to track activities on a third-party app. The app checks the location of the third-party device via GPS and phone number. Also, you can monitor incoming and outgoing texts on another device, and browse the history remotely from the mSpy control panel.

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