The best Android wear apps to support your health and fitness

Android Wear updates the concept of the watch and brings it to the smart generation.
24 new apps and updates have just been released that can be used on Android Wear. We will look at the best ones to help you to optimize your health and fitness.
  1. Allthecooks Recipes

    Allthecooks Recipes

    Allthecooks is a cooking app that will improve your repertoire of recipes to offer over 150,000 dishes, The new update to support Android Wear is perfect for cooks who want easy quick access to recipes right on their wrist.

  2. Runtastic PRO

    Runtastic PRO

    Runtastic PRO is a fitness app calculates the distance, time, altitude, speed and calories burned. The new update for Android Wear means that all this information is easily accessible to users when on the move.

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  4. Strava Cycling - GPS Riding

    Strava Cycling – GPS Riding

    Strava records and displays the your performance.It lets you measure distance, speed, altitude and calories burnt. The update for Strava is perfect on Android wear, there is no other device that is so easy to take with you when exercising.

  5. Golfshot: Golf GPS

    Golfshot: Golf GPS

    Golfshot GPS is a golfing app that helps you on the green. It allows you to be a smart golfer by providing you with invaluable information. With the Android Wear update you don’t even have to take your mobile on the green anymore.

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