Best Android Apps To Keep Your Android Device Secure

As technology advances, we begin to depend more and more on our tablets or smartphones.We store personal information and details on them that could be targeted by hackers and other malicious software.  But worry not, check out the list of apps below to protect your device against almost everything.

  1. 360 Security - Antivirus,Clean

    360 Security – Antivirus,Clean

    360 Security is a top security app for Android devices. It is designed to protect Android’s from malware, junk mail and viruses. It aims to ensure that your privacy is protected.  A great addition to any device.

  2. AppLock


    This is a great tool to lock your information, personal photos and access to apps and settings of your Android device. You can automatically block access to your files and even hide the icon so nobody knows it’s there.

  3. Mobile Security & Antivirus

    Mobile Security & Antivirus

    Avast Mobile Security is a security application that provides various functions for the safe use of your device, and even tracks and blocks it in case of loss.

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