5 Very Useful Tools For Any Android Device!

Smartphones and tablets today can do almost anything thanks to the limitless number of apps out there to download.Whether you are new to owning a smartphone or tablet or have had one for years, below we have listed 5 great tools that anyone should download for their Android devices.
  1. Clean Master (Cleaner) - FREE

    Clean Master (Cleaner) – FREE

    This great little app is designed to help users to identify and terminate the processes that are taking up more space and slow down the device operation.   It does a scan and lets you clear unwanted processes!

  2. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

    Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

    This gem of an app is perfect if your battery life isn’t all that great.  A single touch can reduce the energy used by your Android device, using all of the settings to extend the battery life.  A wonderful app to have!

  3. [adsense]
  4. Chromecast


    Another useful app is Chromecast.  You can use it to stream videos and pictures from Android smartphones and tablets to a television.  You do require an accessory for it to work but it is very handy.

  5. Tiny Flashlight + LED

    Tiny Flashlight + LED

    This app is an extremely useful application that projects a concentrated and intense light from your Android device.  It uses either the camera flash or light screen, although the flash is a lot brighter.

  6. AppLock


    AppLock is a very handy security tool to lock your information, personal photos and access to apps and settings of your Android device. You can automatically block access to files, photos, apps and information.  A must-have app!

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