Best Android Apps to Keep Kids Entertained while Traveling

Exploring the world with children can be extremely rewarding. Imagine discovering wonderful places and giving them a taste of different cultures… However, the journey to these places can be quite the opposite. 

The attention span of a child can vary from short to non-existent and this is where your Android smartphone or tablet can be an invaluable piece of equipment. Your Android device offers a great  backup plan if  the car games fail, or the flight doesn’t offer any entertainment. The list below is a short snippet of the apps available to keep your children’s minds busy while also educating them.
So, take a look and let us know if you found them helpful during a long journey:
  1. Endless Alphabet

    Endless Alphabet

    First up is this great educational game to help teach your kids the alphabet. Colorful monsters assist them to drag letters to form words and then watch as the words spring to life.

  2. Dipdap


    Dipdap is a fun mixture of a drawing app and a game. In each adventure, there are things missing that the kids must draw to help Dipdap complete the level. The game fosters creativity while allowing the child to have fun.

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  4. Tynker Premium - Learn to code

    Tynker Premium – Learn to code

    Tynker is an amazing app for young minds to practice coding at an early age. It teaches in step-by-step lessons how to create simple programs from your device and its great to watch them enjoy seeing their creations come alive. You can also check out the free version to see if they enjoy it before investing in the premium.

  5. Shu's Garden

    Shu’s Garden

    Next is this little gem which is sure to occupy your child’s attention. They roll around the screen exploring the world and finding seeds, then they then plant them and see what grows and how.

  6. Toca Mini

    Toca Mini

    Toca Mini is the last app on our list. It’s very easy to play and has tons of possibilities. The main concept is to create fun characters by combing quirky colors, shapes, different textures and stamps. The fun is amplified if you set your child the task of creating a specific looking face.

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