Has Your Office or School Closed? Here are the Best Android Apps for Working & Studying Remotely From Home

With the current lockdown initiated by many governments around the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many offices/workplaces and schools have been closed and people are being asked to either work or study from home.

Working or schooling from home may be difficult because there is no constant communication and coordination from fellow workmates/schoolmates. However, thanks to remote work and study Android apps, many people can now work and study away from their physical workplaces or institutions.

This piece highlights some of the best Android apps to use while working and studying remotely from home.

  1. Slack


    Slack is a great communication app that facilitates collaborative work and communication among a team. Workers can sign in into a common Slack workspace and organize conversations by topics, projects, and groups; exchange messages with co-workers (in groups or individually); share documents and images; integrate other tools such as Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Twitter; customize notifications, and more.

  2. Trello


    Trello is a great management and planning tool that will help you organize your work schedules from wherever you are. With the app, you can easily create lists, cards, and boards that will notify you and your co-workers of your to-do lists. The app also helps you to minimize your mental workload as you can set reminders to remind you of scheduled or undone tasks. Finally, the app works offline and thus very suitable when working in areas that do not have Wi-Fi connections.

  3. Toggl: Work Hours & Timesheet Time Tracker

    Toggl: Work Hours & Timesheet Time Tracker

    In work environments that require you to register the number of hours worked, Toggl is a handy tool. The time tracker app works to track and record your working hours as you work on projects or just normal schedules. You can customize the app to add more details to your time entries by adding projects, clients, and tags. The app also has an in-built calendar that will help you add your events as time entries. 

  4. Coursera: Online courses

    Coursera: Online courses

    For students that wish to study from home, Coursera is a fantastic educational platform. The app provides students with access to free courses from more than 115 universities and educational institutions in several countries. Through the app, students can access up to 800 courses in more than 25 study areas, including Finance, Accounting, Music, Marketing, Psychology, Project Management and many more.

  5. Udemy Online Courses

    Udemy Online Courses

    Udemy is also an educational tool that links students to learning materials from a wide range of study areas. The app has over 13,000 easily accessible tutorial videos taught by experts in different fields of study. The app also offers both paid and free online courses that students can subscribe to. If the need arises, you can download course materials and study offline.

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