Best Fitness Apps for Android to Get you in Shape

Whether you made a resolution at new years to tone up and get into shape or not, it’s never a bad thing to start working out a bit more.

Thanks to the power of your Android you no longer need to sign up to the gym and spend a big membership fee that you only really take advantage of once because life gets in the way. You can workout anywhere using either a full set of equipment or just your body weight. We’ve listed 5 great apps that are perfect to help you get into shape and feel healthy this year so take a look and try them out.

  1. Zombies, Run! (Free)

    Zombies, Run! (Free)

    Now the Android stores get flooded with running apps every year so it can be hard to find a good one. Zombies, Run! however is brilliant. It’s like an audio adventure where you’ll feel zombies are actually after you and running is the only way to survive. It’s clever, fun and a great workout.

  2. 30 Day Fit Challenges Workout

    30 Day Fit Challenges Workout

    Next is a 30-day challenge. It’s a combination of different exercises such as squats, plank, push ups etc and starts off easy and gradually increases in difficulty as you push through the days.

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  4. Yoga


    Now yoga doesn’t always spring to mind when it comes to getting into shape but it is in fact a brilliant way to tone up your body. This app is designed for beginners or more advanced users and helps you master the positions.

  5. 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

    28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

    This app is aimed at busy moms more than anyone else, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be effective for anybody interested in shaping up. The app is free but it compliments a membership program, so take a look and see what you think as it has great results and is effective for busy parents.

  6. Bodybuilding & fitness trainer

    Bodybuilding & fitness trainer

    This free app has over 170 detailed exercises that will help you get into shape this year. It gets updated regularly and is a great way to tone up, lose weight and start feeling confident.


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