5 apps that will help you learn a foreign language!

5 apps for learning a foreign language

I’m a strong believer that learning different languages unlocks so many opportunities, not to mention that it makes you look incredibly good when you’re in a foreign country and can understand and speak the lingo. Whether you travel a lot or just want to challenge your mind, learning a language is a great task, especially for English speakers who have perhaps had it lucky not “needing” to learn any other language.

This list below features 5 of the best apps that will help you learn a foreign language. If you know of any others then please feel free to post them in the comments. And on that note, let’s begin with Babbel…

  1. Babbel – Learn Languages

    Babbel – Learn Languages

    Babbel is an excellent language tool to help you excel and progress with learning a new language. It features several different options (Spanish, Italian etc), and helps you learn grammar along the way as you work your way through the tasks and assignments. The downside is that for full access to everything you need to pay a monthly subscription, but this will still be cheaper than taking physical lessons with a tutor!

  2. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

    Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

    Duolingo might be number two on this list, but my personal opinion is that it is up there with the best of the best. The app is colorful and keeps things entertaining and varied enough to entice you to work further through the courses. It has many languages to choose from and will work through the basics all the way to advanced words and sentences. It’s all completely free too! It’s incredibly well designed, looks great and will help you learn, remember and progress with just a little bit of time every day.

  3. Tandem: Language Exchange

    Tandem: Language Exchange

    Tandem is different to the other apps on this list. Rather than have you work through tasks and memorize different things, it lets you match with people who share your interests but speak the language you want to learn. You can then have text, voice and video conversations with people who want to learn your native language, and in return you learn theirs, all by simply communicating with each other. It’s a great way to learn, especially if your brain turns off after 10 minutes of reading.

  4. Memrise - Learn Any Language

    Memrise – Learn Any Language

    Memrise is like a flashcard system, although it’s designed in such a fun and innovative way that you’ll want to stay on it every day. You are sent to an alien world as a spy and have to learn different aspects of vocabulary in order to blend in and continue on your mission. It isn’t necessarily the best app to become fluent with, but if combined with another app on this list which focuses on conversation, you’ll be well away.

  5. Learn Languages - busuu

    Learn Languages – busuu

    Lastly we have busuu. This app is perfect if you want to learn English, but also boasts a strong reputation for learning different languages too. There are all sorts of audio and visual learning aids and you can make friends with the whole community that use it. You’ll find yourself working through interactive tests and learning tools for vocabulary and dialogue. It’s a great app to consider, especially if you’ve not had much luck with the ones mentioned above.

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