Best Learning & Educational Apps for kids

Image 2 Learning Apps for kids

Technology is forever improving and becoming more accessible. This is a great thing when it comes to educational purposes. Thanks to platforms such as Android devices, it’s now very easy and effortless for your kids to continue their education once they get home.

Below we’ve found 5 great learning & educational apps for kids which are fun to enjoy and keep learning fresh and innovative. The best part is they can all be enjoyed for free, which is a great added bonus.

  1. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

    Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

    First on our list is Duolingo. This isn’t your standard education app but has a primary focus on language…and it’s very, very successful at what it does. Adults and children alike benefit from using the app, which keeps learning fun and engaging throughout. There’s also a lot of language options to choose from. The verdict: Get your kids using this right now and they’ll be able to understand foreign languages in no time!

  2. Google Classroom

    Google Classroom

    Google Classroom is a lot more official and by the book than Duolingo, and it doesn’t specialize in a particular subject or area. Instead it allows teachers and students to gather in a virtual workplace which can be interacted with in real-time. You can share tasks, integrate calendars and much more. It’s a useful learning tool although not much good just on your own.

  3. Pocket Code: Learn programming

    Pocket Code: Learn programming

    Pocket Code has a fantastic premise behind it: Teach your kids how to understand basic programming. It’s brilliant. Programming skills are becoming more and more in-demand as technology requires brighter brains that can understand how to “speak” to a computer. This app is simple, but lets children interact with and see their creations. It’s a great starting block.

  4. PBS KIDS Video

    PBS KIDS Video

    At number 4 (in our randomly numbered list) is PBS Kids Video. PBS focus on educational content for kids and this is no different. It features cartoons which will keep the attention of children, while providing them with an educational base to learn and remember information from. You can even make use of an educational goal tracker to monitor their progress and see how they are improving.

  5. YouTube Kids

    YouTube Kids

    Lastly we have YouTube Kids. Now you don’t need to download the kids version of YouTube to discover this content, but it is a lot harder to find without it. The app filters out all of the adult content on YouTube and displays a lot of educational content for kids to enjoy. Parents can restrict access, remove search functions and play dedicated video channels for their kids to watch.

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