Nominated apps & games for google play awards 2017

Image 1 Nominates to google play awards 2017

The Google Play Awards 2017 is coming up and the nominees for several categories have just been announced. The winner won’t be named until the 18th of May which gives you plenty of time to experiment and enjoy some of the nominated apps and games.

In honor of these nominees, we’ve listed 6 apps below instead of the usual 5 (and no, it isn’t Christmas time yet!) so try them out and see what you think. Each app or game is nominated due to the innovative nature and how they have helped drive Android forward. Take a look and enjoy your own adventures below.

  1. Citymapper- London,NYC,PAR,BER

    Citymapper- London,NYC,PAR,BER

    Citymapper is incredibly intuitive and is a must-have app for anyone who travels regularly, especially if you travel among some of the most popular cities and capitals around the world. You can find different transport schedules and read through comprehensive map information to navigate around the streets. It’s a beautiful app worth enjoying if you travel.

  2. Choices: Stories You Play

    Choices: Stories You Play

    Choices: Stories You Play is a great user-driven game that depends on you making the decisions to affect the story. There are several themes (Romance, crime and fantasy currently) and each have different outcomes, chapters, relationships etc all based on what choices you make. It’s very clever and a fun way of story-telling that makes you feel like you’ve created the outcome.

  3. The Fabulous - Habit & Routine

    The Fabulous – Habit & Routine

    If you struggle with motivation or forget to do things in your daily routine, you’ll want this incredibly helpful app to improve your lifestyle. It helps you achieve goals and implement healthy habits with your day. These can be things such as losing weight, getting more sleep, drinking more water etc. It’s an app which really does deserve a place on anyone’s device.

  4. TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight

    TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight

    At number 4 on our randomly numbered list, is Transformers. One of the major aspects of this game is that it is absolutely beautiful to look at. You can battle with or against your friends as well as battle against random players. The landscape can be destroyed and there is a 360 degree view. The gameplay is groundbreaking for Android devices and should be played if you enjoy RPG and action elements combined together.

  5. Memrise - Learn Any Language

    Memrise – Learn Any Language

    Memrise should be on your device. Just by having it installed, you’ll probably use it, and if you use it, you will learn another language. Memrise is innovative and makes learning incredibly easy. You are deployed on an alien world as need to learn the language to communicate. It also features videos and keeps you engaged in wanting to progress. A must-have app.

  6. Pokémon GO

    Pokémon GO

    Lastly is Pokemon GO. This might be old news now but when it was released it took the world by storm. Everyone was running around the streets as they tried to catch all of their beloved Pokemon. It also bought augmented reality to the forefront of mobile gaming and has really done a lot for the progression of Android technology. Expect more apps and games to use Augmented Reality going forward!

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