Best Apps of May 2017 Like Socratic – Homework Answers & MIUI 8 – Icon Pack


May time is here and for most of us that means that the temperatures are starting to warm up outside. Yes there might well be a bit of rain, but the warmth certainly helps perk us up after a cold winter. To help you feel even better during those sunny day, we’ve compiled a list of the best apps for Android this month.

There is a little something for everyone, from music players to icon packs, so you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. Take a look below and get enjoying the sunshine with a couple of great new apps to play with.

  1. GO Music Player PLUS

    GO Music Player PLUS

    To get us started we have the GO Music Player PLUS. This fantastic little app will make those outdoor hangouts even more fun with some music blasting in the background. It also comes with customization options thanks to the many themes you can choose. Along with that, you have a fully adjustable equalizer and several options to tweak your listening time.

  2. Socratic - Homework answers

    Socratic – Homework answers

    Next up is Socratic. This beast is your best friend when it comes to math homework and problems. The app can analyze your questions and assist you in learning and getting the right answer. While cheating won’t improve your knowledge, it is a handy educational app to have to get a better understanding of math problems and getting the answers at the same time.

  3. ABC Keyboard - TouchPal

    ABC Keyboard – TouchPal

    Customization tools are very popular among Android users. One of the best things about Android devices is their ability to be customized and changed, a feature Apple doesn’t allow. This app allows you customize your texting/writing experiences with an intuitive keyboard which is user-friendly, responsive and very well designed. It looks great and can spruce up any message you have to write.

  4. MIUI 8 - Icon Pack

    MIUI 8 – Icon Pack

    Sticking to the customization theme, we have MIUI 8. This is a fantastic app to bring your device to life with some custom icons. The standard icons that come with your Android device can look a little dated and bland. With apps like this one, you can transform your device without needing a full theme package.

  5. Relaxing Sounds for Me

    Relaxing Sounds for Me

    Sitting in number 5 on our list is Relaxing Sounds for Me. Anybody who enjoys listening to music before they rest or sleep should have this on their device. You can play dozens of relaxing sounds and audio tracks that are designed for the specific reason of relaxing you. This enables you to drift to sleep or let your mind relax after a busy day, without the background noise that life usually brings along.

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