Best Apps of September 2017 like FUT 18 Draft and Lose Weight in 30 Days

Best Apps of September 2017

As September begins to fade into a distant memory, we’re left with the excitement that autumn has to offer us, before winter well and truly encapsulates us within it’s frosty grip. To celebrate the end of September, we’ve scoured the web to discover the best 5 apps of September.

Read on below to transform your device, enter the amazing world of FIFA Ultimate Team and work on your figure ahead of an inevitable Christmas splurge.

  1. Autumn Maple Live Wallpaper

    Autumn Maple Live Wallpaper

    First on our list is the Autumn Maple Live Wallpaper. This app will transform your Android device by plastering a living autumn scene across your screen. It’s simple, yet effective and bringing your device to life thanks to the realistic animations.

  2. Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation

    Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation

    Next up we have Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Mediation. This app is perfect for those of us who are getting caught up in the stress of life and want to find a way to unwind and relax. If you struggle entering a state of meditation then this app will also appeal, as all you have to do is relax, listen and let stress melt away.

  3. Lose Weight in 30 Days

    Lose Weight in 30 Days

    Weight loss doesn’t need to be a stressful thing involving calorie counting, strict regimes and fourteen hours of exercise a day…Okay, so fourteen hours might be an exaggeration. That being said, this app will help you figure out a goal and start to notice your body tone up, drop the pounds and lose weight within 30 short days.

  4. Wallpapers


    Wallpapers is another fantastic app which focuses on customizing the style and appearance of your Android device by allowing you to select from a varied assortment of different wallpapers. Sometimes a little sprucing up of your home screen is all that you need to change everything and make a stale Android feel new again.

  5. FUT 18 DRAFT by PacyBits

    FUT 18 DRAFT by PacyBits

    Lastly we have the FUT 18 Draft app. This will help you draft teams for your FIFA Ultimate Team (for the brand new FIFA football sports console game), challenge other players through an “online draft” section, enter tournaments and so much more. If you’re a fan of the FUT then this app should be on your Android already, and if it isn’t then get downloading it right now.

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