Top 5 Podcast Apps to Help You Learn Any Language

Image 1 Top 5 Podcast Apps to Help You Learn Any Language

Podcasts have been around for a long time; offering people a wealth of information that’s easily available. And they’re not just tools for learning either. You can find podcasts for just about anything. With smartphones being a micro-brain in our pockets, accessing podcasts couldn’t be easier.

While you can find podcasts for just about anything, we’re going to focus on learning languages (because everyone wishes they could be multilingual!) We’ve found 5 of the best podcast apps to help you in this endeavor so check out below and start your language education today.

  1. CastBox - Free Podcast & Audio

    CastBox – Free Podcast & Audio

    CastBox is first on our list and is a worthy contender for any podcast list. It’s completely free and has over a million podcasts to listen to. It features tons of different things to listen to as well as a dedicated language learning section. Add to that Chromecast support and cloud syncing and you’ve got a great all-round application to suit your needs.

  2. Pocket Casts

    Pocket Casts

    Now this little gem is a must-try for any podcast fan. It’s packed with features and boasts a huge collection of content to listen to. You do have to pay to download it but then you’ll gain access to a cross-platform utility in the palm of your hand. You download podcasts to your device, customize the backgrounds and themes and it’s even compatible with Android Wear. It’s a great app.

  3. Podcast Addict

    Podcast Addict

    Podcast Addict is completely free (with ads) and boasts a ton of great features to enjoy. You have access to an almost endless supply of content including live radio streaming and you can change the playback speed. If you’re looking for a podcast to learn from then Podcast Addict is definitely one to check out.

  4. Podcast Go

    Podcast Go

    If you want an intuitive app which is packed with content and features yet wrapped up in a basic exterior then Podcast Go is the way to go. It feels simple and basic yet boasts variable speed playback, loads of content to listen to and the user interface is stunning. It’s also completely free with an option to pay to remove the adverts.

  5. DoggCatcher Podcast Player

    DoggCatcher Podcast Player

    Lastly we have DoggCatcher Podcast Player. This tool lets you download and listen to a vast array of audio and video podcasts and there’s a section to discover the current top content. You can get recommendations based on stuff you mark as a favorite and if you download to your device then you can listen without an Internet connection too.

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