Top 5 Secure Whatsapp Alternative apps for your Android: Telegram, Viber, Threema


Since the launch of WhatsApp, the messaging culture in the world has changed as more people are now able to communicate with each other easily, faster, and securely. Security is a crucial aspect in communication and WhatsApp has over the years ensured that the users are protected from all kind of threats.

Today many other messaging apps have come up, but not all offer the best security to its users. If security is crucial to you when having conversations on your phone, then check out the list below consisting of five Android apps that you could use as an alternative to WhatsApp

  1. Telegram


    Telegram is a great messaging app that connects people around the world through their phones. You can send and receive texts, images, videos, audio files, and documents through the app. Telegram has various security features that prevent third party access to your information.

  2. Viber Messenger

    Viber Messenger

    This is another very secure and easy-to-use messaging app with the ability to send and receive texts, videos, audio files, and documents. It uses a color code system that shows you how a conversation has been protected. (i.e., different colors shows different types of encryption.)

  3. Signal Private Messenger

    Signal Private Messenger

    Signal messenger was officially launched in 2018 and currently has a lot of users across the globe. The app supports an end to end encryption for all conversations and does not save any user information in servers. You can also enable self-destructing messages that automatically delete themselves after a certain period is over.

  4. Threema


    This is one of the most trusted and secure messaging app used globally. You can enjoy end to end encryption for voice calls, group chats, status messages, and files. The app does not require your email address or phone number to register an account. Instead, it generates a unique Threema code that you will use.

  5. Wire - Private Messenger

    Wire – Private Messenger

    Enjoy end to end encryption while using this app. The app also has a beautiful and easy to use interface that is very attractive to the eye. Also, the app has timed messages that automatically delete themselves after the set time has elapsed.

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