Programmers’ Day: Here are the Best 5 Apps to Learn how to Code Like a Pro

To be the best programmer, you need to have the best set of skills and understand what goes on in the programming world. You need to continually practice your coding skills to remain relevant in the industry since there are new programming ideas that arise each day.

If you are a programmer that wishes to perfect their programming skills, some Android apps will help you practice on your skills. Once you install any of these apps on your phone, you will find plenty of programming lessons and tutorials that will help you perfect your skills. This piece highlights 5 of the best Android apps that you can use to learn how to code like a pro.

  1. Udacity - Lifelong Learning

    Udacity – Lifelong Learning

    Udacity is an educational app that includes basic and advanced courses for professionals who want to improve their knowledge. You can easily find online programming courses for HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, and other programming languages that will be of great benefit to you. Udacity offers both free and paid courses.

  2. Encode: Learn to Code

    Encode: Learn to Code

    Encode is yet another easy-to-use educational app that will help you learn how to code in a variety of programming languages. The app has a sleek user interface that allows you to navigate easily through the content. The app offers amazing lessons on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The app also offers real code examples and interactive coding challenges that help test what you have learned.

  3. Lightbot : Code Hour

    Lightbot: Code Hour

    Lightbot is a puzzle game for kid programmers designed to introduce them to the world of programming. The game is a fun way to learn programming logic as it teaches basic concepts like instruction sequencing, procedures, and loops through a practical approach. The goal of the game is to guide a robot to light up tiles and solve levels.

  4. Learn C++

    Learn C++

    This is a free educational app that specifically teaches the C++ programming language in an effective, fun, and fast way. The app accommodates all levels of programmers from novices to experts. The app has over 80 lessons divided into 8 levels that cover basic concepts such as arrays, data types, conditional statements, classes and objects, pointers, functions, loops, inheritance & polymorphism, templates, exceptions, and files.

  5. Programming Hub, Learn to code

    Programming Hub, Learn to code

    Programming Hub allows you to learn how to program in a variety of languages such as Java, Python, and HTML, among others. The app offers about 20 special programming courses and over 5000 code examples all developed in collaboration with Google experts. With programming hub on your phone, all your programming needs will be handled, and you can enjoy daily practice sessions.

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