5 Best Android Selling Apps to Sell Your Stuff Online and Locally in 2019

Thanks to technological advances in the 21st Century, you do not need to open a physical shop or store to sell items or services. You can conduct business transactions through the internet in the comfort of your home seat. Using apps that support e-commerce, you can advertise and sell your products to people across the globe.

These apps are created for international use and can be accessed from most countries in the world. All you need to do is create a seller account within one of the apps and post your product(s) alongside other details including images, a description, and price. This piece describes 5 of the best Android selling apps that you could use to sell your stuff online and locally.

  1. Amazon Seller

    Amazon Seller

    This app allows you to create and manage a seller account on Amazon. Amazon is one of the world’s most used online shopping platform. Using the app, you can add a product to sell, analyze your sales, communicate with clients and potential customers, manage your stock and orders, and view your income among other business functions.

  2. eBay


    This app is the official Android app for the eBay online business platform. eBay is among the most recognized and widely used online auction sites across the globe. With the app, you can buy and sell products from various regions in the world. If you wish to sell a product(s), the app allows you to create a profile for your item(s) that includes images, descriptions, and prices. You can also engage with your potential buyers through the app.

  3. AliExpress Shopping App

    AliExpress Shopping App

    Through this app, Android users can now interact with the official app of the famous sales site AliExpress. From the app, both buyers and sellers interact conveniently with each other. Sellers are required to register seller accounts and create their seller profiles which include listing their products. The app has features that allow you as a seller to meet with potential buyers, manage your sales, advertise your product(s) regularly, among other functions.

  4. OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Offer Up

    OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Offer Up

    OfferUp is a unique online shopping platform that features a wide range of products. The app is friendly and convenient for both sellers and buyers. Sellers can create a profile for their product(s) easily and within 30 seconds. All sellers have a seller rating that ranks them according to the customer service provided and the quality of products sold. Also, buyers can easily enquire about a product from sellers through a very interactive interface.

  5. Sell on Etsy

    Sell on Etsy

    This is the official seller app for the Etsy online shopping platform. With the app, you can create product profiles, engage with customers, manage your orders, view your stats, among other many functions. You can use your device’s camera to instantly upload product photos. You will also receive on-time notifications whenever a buyer orders your product(s) or when they message you directly.

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