5 Stock Android Apps You Should Replace With These Alternatives

When you buy a new Android phone, it comes pre-loaded with some native apps that support the functionality of the phone. These apps are known as stock version Android apps. Most people continue using these apps on their devices without finding the need to replace them.

However, depending on the users’ preferences, stock Android apps can be replaced with other alternative apps that may improve the functionality of the phone. This piece highlights 5 stock Android apps that you should replace with alternatives.

  1. MiXplorer Silver - File Manager

    Replace Google Files with MiXplorer Silver – File Manager

    Most Android phones come with Google Files as the main file manager. Although the app works well, it can be replaced with MiXplorer Silver. MiXplorer Silver is a great file manager app that has more functions to help you better manage your files. The app has advanced search functions, supports multitasking (using the copy, paste, and move operations), supports a wide range of file formats, and can connect to cloud storage, Google Drives, and Onedrive, and Dropbox.

  2. Brave Browser: Fast AdBlock

    Replace Chrome with Brave Browser: Fast AdBlock

    Brave browser is the most suitable replacement for Chrome that comes pre-installed in new phones. Brave Browser has an in-built ad blocker and pop-up blocker. Brave browser reduces page loading times thus improving web browser performance. With Brave browser, you can also enjoy secure private browsing while saving data and battery.

  3. VLC for Android

    Replace Play Music with VLC for Android

    Google Play Music app that comes as a stock app in most Android phones does not support all audio formats. The app does not also play music videos. To solve these problems, it is recommended to update your music player to VLC. VLC is a media player that supports a majority of audio and video formats. VLC’s audio player keeps a complete database, has an equalizer, and filters. VLC supports multi-track audio and subtitles. The app also supports aspect-ratio adjustments, auto-rotation, and gestures to control volume, brightness and seeking.

  4. Piktures - Beautiful Gallery

    Replace Google Photos with Piktures – Beautiful Gallery

    If you need to replace your Google photos app with a new gallery manager, Piktures is a great replacement. The app has a built-in photo editor, a video player, cloud access and a secure drive. You can organize your favorite photos in folders and sub-folders, sort photos by name, size, or date, and protect them with a password.

  5. Camera ZOOM FX - FREE

    Replace Camera with Camera ZOOM FX – FREE

    Camera ZOOM FX comes with more exciting features and functionalities. Replacing your stock camera app with Camera ZOOM FX allows you to access more shooting modes, have access to a manual DSLR control, adjust ISO, focus, exposure and shooting speed, and use the timer and other special effects.

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