5 Best at-home Fitness Apps to use during the Coronavirus Outbreak

To avoid being infected by the Coronavirus, one of the preventive directives given by the World Health Organization (WHO) is that people should avoid public gatherings. But how are you supposed to cope if going to the gym was part of your normal routine? Don’t worry! There are several home fitness apps that can provide you with an alternative.

With home fitness apps on your Android device, you may not have to go to an actual gym to maintain body fitness. You can work out from home using the many physical routines and exercises provided on the apps. Below are 5 of the best home fitness apps that you can use during the coronavirus outbreak.

  1. Home Workout - No Equipment

    Home Workout – No Equipment

    This is a great fitness app designed to offer daily workout routines for beginners, intermediates, and experts. The app contains a series of exercises for a full-body workout and specific body parts such as abs, chest, legs, arms, and butt. Users of the app do not require the use of weights as the workout routines are designed to make use of the body weight.

  2. Fitness Coach FitProSport

    Fitness Coach FitProSport

    This is yet another fantastic fitness app that you can use to workout at home. The app contains over 200 custom, simple, and effective workouts for both men and women. The app provides animation and video tutorials on how the exercises should be conducted for better results. The app also has a fitness tracker that tracks your daily routine to help you achieve your target weight.

  3. Home Workout - Fitness & Bodybuilding

    Home Workout – Fitness & Bodybuilding

    If you wish to engage in bodybuilding routines, this app is suited for you. The app provides daily exercise routines for all the major muscles in the body. The app has customized and challenging workout routines designed to help users lose body fat, gain muscles and remain healthy. Users of the app do not need to use weights during workout sessions as the exercises are tailored to use the body weight.

  4. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

    30 Day Fitness Challenge

    As the name suggests, the app provides a 30-day challenge that helps to get your body in shape. Using short daily exercise routines, the app monitors your progress until you get to your desired body type. The app contains a series of different physical exercises that you can do at home using just your body weight. With the app, you can also share your daily progress with friends on other social media platforms.

  5. Lose Weight App for Women - Workout at Home

    Lose Weight App for Women – Workout at Home

    This is a fitness app specifically designed for women. The app is used by women who wish to lose weight and become fit. The app has a series of fat-burning routines that help women lose fat from various parts of their bodies. The app features quick workouts (2-7 minutes), HIIT workouts, and tutorials that teach you correct posture. It also monitors calories burned and includes various difficulty levels.

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