COVID-19: Use these 5 Apps to Create Awesome Routines during the Coronavirus Outbreak

As the world continues to battle the Coronavirus pandemic, a majority of people have to stay and work from home. Staying at home has forced people to change their lifestyles and daily routines. People now have to create new schedules and daily routines.

Thanks to some amazing Android apps, people can create great routines to follow during the coronavirus pandemic. These apps will help you to easily monitor and track your newly created routine. This piece describes 5 apps that you can use to create routines.

  1. Smart Sleep Manager

    Smart Sleep Manager

    If you have not been sleeping well due to a tight and busy schedule, you can now use this app to manage your sleeping routine. The app is recommended for those who have trouble sleeping or waking up, and those that want to have better sleep habits. The app has a smart alarm function that monitors your sleep and wakes you up at the required time. The app also has a lull sound feature that helps you fall asleep faster and easier.

  2. Hydro Coach - drink water

    Hydro Coach – drink water

    Most people do not take water as recommended. If you wish to change your water intake routine, you can use the Hydro Coach app. The app is a health app that reminds you when to drink water several times during the day. The app records daily, weekly, and monthly statistics of your water intake. The app also allows you to synchronize your stats to your google account.

  3. Smokerstop


    Have you been wanting to stop smoking but you don’t know how? The Smokerstop app is a great app that will help you change your routine and stop smoking. The app uses a motivational approach to help you curb your smoking habits. The app allows you to set personal goals, gives you advises on how to quit smoking, and reminds you of the advantages of living a non-smoking life. Through daily monitoring, the app also helps you to visualize your recovery process.

  4. HabitHub - Habit and Goal Tracker

    HabitHub – Habit and Goal Tracker

    HabitHub is a general habit and goal tracker that you can use to create new routines and work towards changing them into habits or goals. The app comes with a calendar to help you monitor your daily progress depending on the set target date. The app also features a reminder that gives you daily reminders ensuring that you stay on track with your routines.

  5. Goal Tracker & Habit List

    Goal Tracker & Habit List

    Goal Tracker & Habit will help you keep track of your newly created routines. The app is recommended for people that wish to change a habit or achieve a certain goal. The app has a calendar that you can register your daily achievements towards the attainment of your goal. From the calendar, you can track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress. You can also get daily notifications from the app so that you don’t forget to attend to your routine activities. You can also export your progress to other apps such as Dropbox and your email.

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