Coronavirus Update: Protect Yourself with these Best Coronavirus Apps for Android

Coronavirus! You probably have heard about it by now from the local news or from the Internet. COVID-19 or simple the Coronavirus is a new virus that has hit the world in recent months. The virus that has pneumonia-like symptoms was first reported in China in late December 2019 and has now spread to 114 countries in the world. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has labeled the Coronavirus a pandemic.

The current world statistics on the virus stands at over 133,000 reported cases, over 4,947 confirmed deaths, and over 68,000 recoveries. China is the worst hit by the coronavirus with over 80,000 confirmed cases, followed by Italy and Iran with over 15,000 and 10,000 confirmed cases respectively.

As of now, there is no confirmed vaccine or treatment for the COVID-19 and WHO urges people around the globe to take several measures to prevent themselves from being infected. People are asked to avoid crowded places, to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly, avoid facial contact at all costs, and report any Corona-like symptoms to the nearest health facilities.

To keep yourself updated on the coronavirus situation across the globe, there are websites and Android apps that are providing current and relevant information about the virus. This piece highlights some of the important websites to visit and Android apps to install on your phone.

Best Websites to Stay Informed About the Coronavirus

One of the best and official websites to follow for the coronavirus updates and information is WHO’s official website. The website contains updated information about the coronavirus.

Another very reliable source of information about the coronavirus is the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website.

If you would like to follow the world’s coronavirus statistics by country, you can visit

Best Android Apps For Coronavirus Updates and Information

  1. CDC

    This is the official app for the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The app offers up-to-date information about diseases and health issues. The app currently provides updates on the coronavirus pandemic and the latest risk assessments and travel guidance from the CDC. You can also access information on how the disease spreads, symptoms, prevention, testing, and treatment.

  2. First Aid - American Red Cross

    First Aid – American Red Cross

    First Aid – American Red Cross is an app that provides first aid tips and essential guidance on how to proceed in cases of emergency or accident. Currently, the app also provides safety and readiness measures related to coronavirus. You can also watch step-by-step instructions for multiple emergency scenarios, and easily find and call nearby hospitals.

  3. Doctor On Demand

    Doctor On Demand

    Doctor on Demand is an online doctor’s consultation app that links patients to doctors without them having to go to a physical hospital. To minimize potential exposure to the coronavirus, WHO and the CDC are encouraging the use of online medication for the treatment of other non-serious diseases and conditions.

  4. Twitter


    Since Twitter is a popularly used social media app, you can follow the official CDC and WHO twitter handles: @CDCgov and @WHO for the latest credible news and real-time updates on the coronavirus outbreak.

  5. News360: Personalized News

    News360: Personalized News

    Being a news app, you can use the News360 app to read or listen to news on the coronavirus from a wide range of reputable sources. You can also follow “Coronavirus (COVID-19)” via the app to get the latest updates to your home screen.

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