COVID-19: Here are 5 Super Addictive Android Games to Fight Boredom during the Pandemic

The year 2020 began normally for many countries but when the Coronavirus disease began to spread globally, a lot of activities were affected. Currently, many countries have now gone into lockdown and their citizen forced to stay at home.

Staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic may be very boring if you have no interesting thing to do. But if you love playing games, you can install them on your phone to keep you entertained. Here are 5 very addictive Android games that you can play to fight boredom during the pandemic.

  1. Brain Out – Can you pass it?

    Brain Out – Can you pass it?

    Brain Out is a very addictive puzzle game that has a series of brain teasers that challenge your mind. The goal of the game is to answer correctly as many trivia questions as possible. The game is designed to evaluate your thinking ability, accuracy, memory and creativity levels. The game has a great interface that makes it easier for you to play. The game also has many trivia questions that will keep you entertained for a long time.

  2. Super Mario Run

    Super Mario Run

    If you have played any Mario games before, then this one will definitely interest you. In the game, you are to help Mario get through various levels that are full of obstacles and enemies in order to rescue Princess Peach. Using the simple controls in the game, you can jump over your enemies to kill them and collect coins along the way.

  3. Homescapes


    Homescapes is a very exciting casual game in which you help a character called Austin the Butler to decorate his family’s mansion by solving various puzzles and combining matching figures. The game has unique gameplay features and many levels to play in as you work towards beautifying the mansion. You can invite your Facebook friends to help you create a unique atmosphere in your mansion.

  4. Despicable Me

    Despicable Me

    Despicable Me is a fun adventure game in which you race as a Minion against other minions in a course. The course has challenges and obstacles that you need to avoid by jumping, sliding, and dodging. The game has simple controls that make it easy and fun to play. To earn more points, you can collect bananas along the racing course. Explore the entire minion world by winning races and unlocking new levels.

  5. UNO ™ & Friends

    UNO ™ & Friends

    Uno is a famous card game that allows you to socialize with family and friends. Using the multiplayer feature available in the game, you can virtually connect and play with your fans from across the globe. The game is easy to understand and very addictive when you start playing. You can team up with other players and play in the 2vs2 mode. You can also use virtual currency while playing the game which will increase gradually as you progress in the game.

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