WhatsApp in Android Auto: Everything you Can and Can’t Do

Image 1: WhatsApp in Android Auto: Everything you Can and Can’t Do

Android Auto is a system that integrates your Android mobile device with a compatible car system allowing you to have a hands-free experience with your Android mobile device while driving. With Android Auto, you can interact with various Android apps including messaging apps like WhatsApp.

With the help of Google Assistant on the Android Auto system, you can interact with your WhatsApp app while driving. However, there are certain tasks that you cannot perform via Android Auto. Through this post, you will find out everything you can and can’t do in WhatsApp while using Android Auto.

Read Messages on WhatsApp

When you receive a WhatsApp message when using Android Auto, a notification will appear on the interface. When you tap on the notification, Google Assistant will read out the message to you. You can also instruct Google Assistant through the “OK Google” command to read all your pending messages.

Image 2: WhatsApp in Android Auto: Everything you Can and Can’t Do

However, Android auto can only interpret and read out WhatsApp text messages. Animated images, videos, stickers, and GIFs cannot be interpreted. If a message contains emojis, Google Assistant will only read out the name of the emojis i.e. smiley face, sad face, etc. For other content like images, the Assistant will tell you “the message contains a photo.”

Send Messages to your Contacts

Again, Google Assistant on Android Auto will help you send WhatsApp messages to your contacts from scratch. You need to instruct the Assistant to send a WhatsApp message to a particular contact. You will then dictate the message that you want to be sent. Before the message is sent, the Assistant will read out your message and if you agree to send it, the message will be sent as a text.

Replying Messages

After Google Assistant has read a WhatsApp message to you, you can decide to reply. All you have to do is answer “Yes” when Google Assistant asks you if wish to reply to a particular message.

Image 3: WhatsApp in Android Auto: Everything you Can and Can’t Do

You will then dictate the reply and the Assistant will read it out before sending it as a text after your approval.

Mute Conversations

To avoid distractions when driving, you can easily mute WhatsApp conversations on Android Auto. When you receive a new message notification, you can use the “mute button” that appears as a crossed bell icon. You can also mute the conversation from the notification section by tapping the available “Silence button.”

What cannot be done

At the moment, it is not possible to make audio and video calls or listen to voice messages on Android Auto. It is also not possible to view photos, videos, stickers, and GIFs. Unless there are changes in the Android Auto, the interface is limited to support the main functions of the WhatsApp app.

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