The best free mahjong puzzle games for your Android

Mahjong is a simple and engaging Chinese puzzle game. It is a traditional past time that works perfectly on the Android.
The game is played in small groups but many versions on Android devises allow the user to play as a solitaire gameHere are 5 of the best including; Mahjong, Random Mahjong, Mahjong Artefacts 1&2 and Mahjong Solitaire Epic.
  1. Mahjong


    This version of the matching pyramid game includes 200 tables and a hint tool that will help the user if they get stuck. This Android game works well on an Android phone because the tile sizes can be changed.

  2. Random Mahjong

    Random Mahjong

    This mahjong game has an elegant style, it looks and feels great to play. The user does not need an internet connection to play so it is a perfect boredom buster anytime, any day.

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  4. Mahjong Artifacts®: Chapter 2

    Mahjong Artifacts®: Chapter 2

    Mahjong can be more than just a simple puzzle as this game proves. Gather pearls to gain powers, utilize power-ups and earn trophies. The quest mode has 25 challenging levels

  5. Mahjong Artifacts®

    Mahjong Artifacts®

    The prequel to Mahjong Artifacts – Chapter 2, this game will take you on an  adventure through civilizations in three game modes. It has special tiles and trophies available set on 27 beautiful backgrounds.

  6. Mahjong Solitaire Epic

    Mahjong Solitaire Epic

    Play this card game with more than 400 tables which are updated daily set on 26 stunning backgrounds. The game provides 8 unique tile design sets and the ability to challenge your friends.

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