The five best Android L apps that are already on Google Play

The update to Android 5.0 is already in process. We now present a selection of Android L apps, some of them official and some an imitation of what lies ahead.

Android 5.0 is already included on different types of devices, and with this update, many of the Google apps have been redesigned for Material Design and have also included new features. Here, we present 5 of the most interesting apps for Android L, which are already available for download on Google Play – especially for those who don’t yet have access to the update and want to go ahead and try out the new Google operating system for mobile devices.

  1. Android L Lockscreen Plus

    Android L Lockscreen Plus

    Lockscreen Android L is a faithful copy of the new Android Lollipop lock screen. An app that offers functionality such as gestures to open any app. Choose what notification from what app you don’t want to appear on the screen, and much more.

  2. Google Keep

    Google Keep

    The Google apps are in the midst of a transition. For, due to the arrival of Android 5.0, they are adopting new designs, and in many cases, new functionality. Another of the tools that has started to change is Google Keep, the app to take notes to remember things easily, wherever you are. It now has a new design with a great simplicity in its interface, and is changing to solid and flamboyant colors.

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  4. Google Keyboard

    Google Keyboard

    The Google keyboard is yet another of the Android apps that have already been updated. Thus, the new Android 5.0 Lollipop keyboard now has the pleasant touch of Material Design, with new emojis to let you express yourself with emoticons. With the option of light and dark themes, and with different keyboard layouts.

  5. Gmail


    Gmail is an emblematic communication app that lets the user access the email account, the contact list, the calendar, documents and chat. It offers a large storage space, includes a search system to help locate messages, and saves contacts by group.

  6. Fancy Switcher

    Fancy Switcher

    The way to show apps in the new Android operating system has changed radically. Fancy Switcher offers the same look as in the new Android version. It lets you choose the configuration you like best: 4 styles: classic, grid, coverflow, or Android L. It includes a 3D effect in icons and other attractive multitasking functions in Android 5.0.

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