Best Education Games For Kids – Help Them Learn!

With young children spending so much time playing games on Android devices, why not get them learning too?We have listed 5 great apps for kids to enjoy while they improve skills like literacy, maths or just basic reading and alphabet skills.  Check them out and get your kids ahead of the rest using your Android devices!
  1. Kids Numbers and Math Lite

    Kids Numbers and Math Lite

    First of all we have this brilliant math app.  It helps teach children to count and perform simple mathematical calculations.  A really great app for any parent to help their kids..  The full version can be found here.

  2. Super Why! from PBS KIDS

    Super Why! from PBS KIDS

    Next we have this really fun game for kids ages between 3-6 to improve their literacy skills.  It helps them learn simple reading skills and to work on their spelling, all while having fun within the game.

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  4. Abby Basic Skills Preschool

    Abby Basic Skills Preschool

    Designed especially for young children to navigate through it, with no complicated menus.  It is full of variety, helping kids to learn maths, shapes, puzzles, matching and much more.  A truly useful app to learn with.

  5. Kids Learn to Read (Preschool)

    Kids Learn to Read (Preschool)

    This is a nice in-depth reading app for children to play.  They control Tommy the turtle and as they guide him, they also learn how to read and pronounce words.  

  6. Kids ABC Trains Game

    Kids ABC Trains Game

    If your kids are at the age where they are still struggling with the alphabet, then let them try this app out.  It is fun, enjoyable and most importantly very helpful at teaching kids how to pronouce letters.

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