5 best web browsers for Android devices


There are tons of web browsers available for Android, some are absolutely brilliant while others fall well under the mark.  To save you the trouble of having to search through them all yourselves, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5.

Defining a top web browser depends a lot on what you expect, some Android browsers are simple, with few features but run smoothly and efficiently, while others are extremely complex and brimming with so many gadgets and features you’ll probably never discover them all. Take a look below and see which browser works best for you and make sure to let us know in the comments which you prefer!

  1. Dolphin Browser for Android

    Dolphin Browser for Android

    Dolphin Browser has been a leading alternative to the default browser installed on Android and it’s still going strong today. While it has suffered a few setbacks, it boasts inbuilt flash, gestures, RSS feeds detecting and loads more, all for free!

  2. APUS Browser-Fast,Easy,Small

    A5 Browser-Small,Easy,Fast

    If you’re conscious of the memory usage, then this could be the browser for you. It weighs in at around 500kb, which is absolutely nothing in comparison to most apps out there. It has some great features too, so if you’re after a lightweight browser, this should be on your list.

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  4. Firefox Browser for Android

    Firefox Browser for Android

    Anyone who’s used a desktop computer in the last 10 years would probably have heard of Firefox. Mozilla has developed their own Android version of the successful browser and is a great choice to consider. You can customize your browser, sync bookmarks and easily access websites.

  5. Opera browser

    Opera browser

    The Opera Browser is a fantastic gem for Android users. It’s stable, has some great unique features and lets you browse at high speeds with data compression. Overall it’s definitely worth a try-out at the very least, especially if you like tools that give you quick browsing at your fingertips!

  6. Chrome Beta

    Chrome Beta

    Chrome Beta might be a surprise addition, but Chrome is no doubt one of the top dogs of browsing, and their Beta app allows you to try out any new features well ahead of your friends and give your feedback towards the future development of the app.

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