New Year’s Resolutions and 5 apps to help you keep them!

New year's resolutions Android Apps

So the New Year celebrations are over and no doubt you’re looking ahead to 2016 and thinking of ways to make the most of the year.

Luckily with the power of your Android device you can get help in keeping any resolutions you might have made, whether that’s to be healthier or to learn something new, you can be sure your Android will find a way to help you out.

  1. Google Fit

    Google Fit

    One of the main resolutions people make at the start of each year is the be healthier. There are a host of apps out there to help you but Google Fit is a brilliant one to consider. You can set up performance goals and track your distance walked, jogged or cycled as well as loads more.

  2. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

    Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

    Maybe you’ve decided to try and educate yourself and learn a new language this year, and with Duolingo you’ll have a much higher chance of succeeding. You can track your performance and access free lessons and resources from your fingertips.

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  4. Level Money

    Level Money

    So your health is in check but is your bank balance? This app helps you know exactly what you can spend each day. Simply add your bank details and it’ll determine a budget based on your outgoings and income.

  5. Quit smoking - QuitNow!

    Quit smoking – QuitNow!

    Now while this app isn’t new by any means, it’s still up there as a great motivator if you’re trying to quit smoking. It can tell you the days, weeks, months you’ve not smoked for, how much money you’ve saved and keep your spirits boosted throughout the day. If you’re trying to reduce your alcohol intake then check this tracker out to help you stay healthier!

  6. Workout Trainer

    Workout Trainer

    Now Google Fit is great as a pedometer and for tracking your performance, but Workout Trainer really pushes you to tone up and shape up. It has loads of free content, and even more that you can pay for. A lot of exercises don’t need equipment either so you can start today!

    So within the next 12 months, you could be fluent in a new language, toned up and in great shape with a bit of extra money in your wallet too. Happy New Year!

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